Product quality and effectiveness are characterized by the product‘s bioavailability. Bioavailability is the amount of active ingredients that is digested by our bodies. The higher bioavailability, the more effective is the product.

 Bioavailability is expressed as a percentage. If bioavailability is 0%, then we are talking about the fact that active ingredients didn’t get into our body. If bioavailability is at 100%, this means that the body has received all the active ingredients from a product. Achieving 100% bioavailability is possible only through intravenous injection of a product. Products entering our bodies orally or through skin, demonstrate levels of bioavailability below 100%.

In recent years, the Vivasan company has conducted a major research work in the field of bioavailability.

We have obtained the following results:

  • Microtechnology of capsule production
  • Smart recipes with natural preservatives 
  • Microemulsions with lamellar structure in creams

All the methods indicated above have all owedustosignificantly increase the level of Vivasan product bioavailability.

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